Providing timely data is critical to engaging organizations, teams, and individuals. Feedback to organizations brings clarity for action. More importantly, data can be used to drive the awareness of a change mandate and the imperative to make those changes.

Delta Leadership provides survey services as well as assessment s for 360 feedback and leadership development.

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For this to be accomplished, all team members must be aligned with the team’s objectives.

How Tap Works

It Begins with an Assessment

TAP is a two-day, off-site program. The two-day program includes individual and team assessments, facilitated interpretation of assessments, interactive group work, team games, support videos, candid feedback from facilitator and participants, workbooks and handouts. Additionally, assessment tools provide accurate feedback that leads to a powerful, immediate impact on awareness, behavior, skills and performance.

TAP addresses these questions:

  • Where are team members right now? How do they view the team? What is working? What is not?
  • Where do team members want to go? What are the team goals? What would constitute an effective meeting? How does the team manage its time?
  • How does the team get there? Based on pre-meeting individual and team assessments, HPI takes the team from where it is – to where it would like to be.